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2023.05.11-002-3Hams _ Caveat_CR5_2603.jpg

3HAMS originates from a longing to be understood, to capture the experience of what it is to live inside the spiral of co-dependency, anxiety, and body dysmorphia. So many of these experiences remain invisible – inside of our heads, literally. With this piece, we search for a way to express the “inside." It is not always logical, but it is deeply felt. It traps us, but it also offers us incredible brilliance. It can be tragic but also hilarious and enlivening. This is our exploration of what this existence feels like to us and an investigation of what it takes to break a cycle.


As artists and collaborators, we pulled from our background in Clown, comedy, and classical acting to shed new light on life inside the brain. We met in graduate school at American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco and immediately bonded over our zany approach to life.

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